If you use production level paints you should expect a paint job that will last 1/2 the time a high … [Read More...]

Quality of work

There are several ways to paint a house. If you are going to get a high quality paint job done on a new construction Dinning room, Kitchen area you will need to have your walls […]

Mildew on my house

Mildew on the outside of your house may look like black or green streaking on the shaded side of your house. If the area you suspect is on a sunny side of the house it […]

Painter for a Day!

We offer a service called painter for a day. It is $400.00 for one painter for 8 hours plus materials. This is a good way to take care of small projects. We recommend making sure […]

Exterior Residential House Painting

There are many different types of house paint jobs done by different contractors. At first they may seem like apples and apples but the truth is you get what you pay for.¬† Two painters can […]