There are many different painting contractors in San Diego. Repainting contractors are your average house painter that will come in and repaint your house interior or exterior painting. They should be knowledgable with paint products, and the work that they do should last a long time, look professional and clean with sharp lines and full coverage.

New construction painting is the same as remodel painting in most cases. A new construction or remodel project will have new drywall texture, new doors and casings, base boards and some times new windows. Exterior surfaces of a remodel project will have new eaves and fascia, sometimes siding or a new patio cover. These areas require different skill levels and knowledge than a typical repaint contractor. A good remodeling contractor can save you money by using better more suitable products and should be a better quality paint job than a painter who specializes in repaints. Ask for referrals and the niche painting your prospective painting contractor does. IF you would like a free painting estimate for a repaint or remodel project call San Diego Custom Painting @ (619) 464-4030.

There are several ways to paint a house. If you are going to get a high quality paint job done on a new construction Dinning room, Kitchen area you will need to have your walls primed first. A good attentive painter will make sure the environment is clean and free of heavy dust and debris. Prior to painting your painter will want to dust the walls so no excess dust is primed over which causes localized paint failure.  The windows and areas that you dont want paint on them will get covered with tape and plastic. Then the walls will be primed. At some point either during the primer stage or during the paint stage you will want to have your walls back rolled. This will ensure that future touch ups are possible with out being obviously noticeable. The higher quality the paint job the more details your painter will look for such as wall and ceiling corners that need to be caulked, after primer texture touch ups and possible blow back that needs to be sanded out of corners and wall base areas. When the walls are painted most of the time the ceilings are painted first (usually a flat) and the walls are brushed and rolled with two coats of the color and sheen chosen.

Painting the doors, casings and base boards are usually done after the walls are painted with their first coat. The holes in the wood work are puttied, sanded, primed, caulked and painted. A single coat may cover but a second coat of an enamel finish gives you a better quality finish.

If you have a painter that is getting his work based on price he is going to look for the fastest cheapest way to paint your house. Product quality will be lessened, the types of fillers and amount of patch work he is willing to do is reduced. Number of coats will likely be reduced, and attention to detail that makes a difference on a job is sacraficed. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. If your looking for good enough price shopping may be acceptable but if your looking for quality get referrals and make sure you know what you can expect from your painter. If you are looking for a house painter or painting contractor in San Diego please give us a call. We will be happy to give you a free house painting estimate.

Mildew on the outside of your house may look like black or green streaking on the shaded side of your house. If the area you suspect is on a sunny side of the house it is doubtful it is mildew and it may just be dirty. Prior to painting mildew should be treated with a mild bleaching solution and power washed off. You can purchase ready made products from you local Home depot or Hardware store, or your can make a 15% solution of bleach with water your self. Apply the bleaching solution with a garden sprayer and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before your powerwash it off. If your mildew is severe I recommend you do the same process a few times to be thorough.  If you do not properly treat the mildew areas before painting your paint job WILL fail. Call 619 464 4030 if you would like us to take a look at your project.

Are you planning on repainting your home? Hiring a residential painting contractor may seem like an easy task, but do you know what things to be concerned about? Remember, not all residential painting contractors  provide good quality work, so read on and these tips can help you choose the best residential paint contractor for your home.

First, detail the work to be done. Write a summary of the work you want done. Be detailed with your concerns and special requests you may have.

Ask for license and insurance information to make sure you are dealing with a licensed contractor. Unlicensed contractors should be a red flag.

Ask for details regarding paint process and paint products to be used. The more detailed the work and the more preparation work done will affect the quality of your paint job. Be specific about budget concerns and quality concerns. Often you painting contractor can offer advice regarding value.

Protect your asset. Make sure you ask your residential painting contractor how they will protect your assets like floors, furniture and fixtures.

Get a proposed work schedule. Your contractor should be able to provide you with a general execution order. They may need to be flexible because of dry times or efficiency practices.

Get a warranty as this will serve as your protection. A contract can include both labor and materials, but you can also opt for labor only. Make sure you check the duration of your warranty in case of paint failure. A good contractor will provide a warrantee for at least two years. If the paint job is poor you should know at the end of the first year and by the end of the second you have plenty of time to get a hold of them. A longer warrantee is better but beware of unrealistic 20 year and lifetime warrantees. They are usually a sales tool and should not affect the cost of your paint job. Realisticly your house will show wear and dirt after the first 7-8 years. If you want your house to look fresh expect to wash it every couple of years and most likely you will need to paint again in about 12-15 years if you received a quality paint job the first time.

Request referals from your painting contractors. Satisfied customers are always willing to give a recommendation.

How a contractor presents themselves is also a factor of how they conduct their business. Were they on time did they look professional, were they prepared? Did they sound knowledgeable.

Responding to your calls and being punctual in your business appointment will reflect on your contractor’s attitude towards his job. So be alert on this part.

The quality of paint is also a big factor to consider. Inexpensive paint usually equates to poor quality and will not last longer than more expensive, premium paints.

These tips will surely help you find an excellent residential painting contractor.

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Painting a large commercial establishment takes a lot of planning for a painting contractor. Arranging the proper procedure for a particular contract from start to finish regardless of the size of the project is vital in order to achieve the best result. How will one know if you hire the best commercial painting contractor?

Repainting a commercial establishment can affect a lot people and the right time to do the job is important as the flow of the business should not be affected. This can be done by adjusting the schedule of work. Coordination between the commercial painting contractor and the business owner is important to have a perfect plan for the job. Some business owner may choose for a weekend or off hour painting schedule thus it is the obligation of the commercial painting contractor to oblige and finish the job at the given time.

Commercial painting contractor should have enough manpower to complete a particular job. Each member of a team should have the skills needed and to do the job right. From preparation, protection of environment and up to the finishing touches. Communication between the project managers to his team of commercial painters of the schedule and plan should be coordinated to avoid mistakes and delay.

The measure of a good paint job is not only on fresh and new color applied on a property, but also on how it was skillfully and expertly done.

We offer a service called painter for a day. It is $400.00 for one painter for 8 hours plus materials. This is a good way to take care of small projects. We recommend making sure your small project is large enough to keep a painter busy for a full day. We can recommend added paint work if your proposed project does not take a full day. Most of the time we can paint approximately two average sized rooms in one day. The ability to complete as much work as possible depends on if we need to pick up paints or if you have them ready for us to use. Also if the rooms are empty or full of furniture will determine how much work we can accomplish.

There are many different types of house paint jobs done by different contractors. At first they may seem like apples and apples but the truth is you get what you pay for.  Two painters can paint identical houses and the quality of paint job is drastically different. The quality is in the preparation. Lightly scraped wood surfaces repainted will have a different appearance and less longevity than a thoroughly prepared surface. The final appearance of a paint job depends on the amount of labor put into the preparation. If given a larger budget and more time. More thorough sanding, filling, texturing, priming and caulking can be done. This will give your house a tighter looking paint job that will last longer and look better for years to come. Make sure you discuss your concerns and listen to the bids given when seeking multiple bids.