Helpful Tips on How to Hire a Residential Painting Contractor

Are you planning on repainting your home? Hiring a residential painting contractor may seem like an easy task, but do you know what things to be concerned about? Remember, not all residential painting contractors  provide good quality work, so read on and these tips can help you choose the best residential paint contractor for your home.

First, detail the work to be done. Write a summary of the work you want done. Be detailed with your concerns and special requests you may have.

Ask for license and insurance information to make sure you are dealing with a licensed contractor. Unlicensed contractors should be a red flag.

Ask for details regarding paint process and paint products to be used. The more detailed the work and the more preparation work done will affect the quality of your paint job. Be specific about budget concerns and quality concerns. Often you painting contractor can offer advice regarding value.

Protect your asset. Make sure you ask your residential painting contractor how they will protect your assets like floors, furniture and fixtures.

Get a proposed work schedule. Your contractor should be able to provide you with a general execution order. They may need to be flexible because of dry times or efficiency practices.

Get a warranty as this will serve as your protection. A contract can include both labor and materials, but you can also opt for labor only. Make sure you check the duration of your warranty in case of paint failure. A good contractor will provide a warrantee for at least two years. If the paint job is poor you should know at the end of the first year and by the end of the second you have plenty of time to get a hold of them. A longer warrantee is better but beware of unrealistic 20 year and lifetime warrantees. They are usually a sales tool and should not affect the cost of your paint job. Realisticly your house will show wear and dirt after the first 7-8 years. If you want your house to look fresh expect to wash it every couple of years and most likely you will need to paint again in about 12-15 years if you received a quality paint job the first time.

Request referals from your painting contractors. Satisfied customers are always willing to give a recommendation.

How a contractor presents themselves is also a factor of how they conduct their business. Were they on time did they look professional, were they prepared? Did they sound knowledgeable.

Responding to your calls and being punctual in your business appointment will reflect on your contractor’s attitude towards his job. So be alert on this part.

The quality of paint is also a big factor to consider. Inexpensive paint usually equates to poor quality and will not last longer than more expensive, premium paints.

These tips will surely help you find an excellent residential painting contractor.

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