Quality of work

There are several ways to paint a house. If you are going to get a high quality paint job done on a new construction Dinning room, Kitchen area you will need to have your walls primed first. A good attentive painter will make sure the environment is clean and free of heavy dust and debris. Prior to painting your painter will want to dust the walls so no excess dust is primed over which causes localized paint failure.  The windows and areas that you dont want paint on them will get covered with tape and plastic. Then the walls will be primed. At some point either during the primer stage or during the paint stage you will want to have your walls back rolled. This will ensure that future touch ups are possible with out being obviously noticeable. The higher quality the paint job the more details your painter will look for such as wall and ceiling corners that need to be caulked, after primer texture touch ups and possible blow back that needs to be sanded out of corners and wall base areas. When the walls are painted most of the time the ceilings are painted first (usually a flat) and the walls are brushed and rolled with two coats of the color and sheen chosen.

Painting the doors, casings and base boards are usually done after the walls are painted with their first coat. The holes in the wood work are puttied, sanded, primed, caulked and painted. A single coat may cover but a second coat of an enamel finish gives you a better quality finish.

If you have a painter that is getting his work based on price he is going to look for the fastest cheapest way to paint your house. Product quality will be lessened, the types of fillers and amount of patch work he is willing to do is reduced. Number of coats will likely be reduced, and attention to detail that makes a difference on a job is sacraficed. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. If your looking for good enough price shopping may be acceptable but if your looking for quality get referrals and make sure you know what you can expect from your painter. If you are looking for a house painter or painting contractor in San Diego please give us a call. We will be happy to give you a free house painting estimate.

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