Repaint work vs New Construction Painting

There are many different painting contractors in San Diego. Repainting contractors are your average house painter that will come in and repaint your house interior or exterior painting. They should be knowledgable with paint products, and the work that they do should last a long time, look professional and clean with sharp lines and full coverage.

New construction painting is the same as remodel painting in most cases. A new construction or remodel project will have new drywall texture, new doors and casings, base boards and some times new windows. Exterior surfaces of a remodel project will have new eaves and fascia, sometimes siding or a new patio cover. These areas require different skill levels and knowledge than a typical repaint contractor. A good remodeling contractor can save you money by using better more suitable products and should be a better quality paint job than a painter who specializes in repaints. Ask for referrals and the niche painting your prospective painting contractor does. IF you would like a free painting estimate for a repaint or remodel project call San Diego Custom Painting @ (619) 464-4030.

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